There are 2 textbooks that you will need to order.

  • Dossey, B.M., Luck, S., & Schaub, B. G. (2015). Nurse Coaching: Integrative Approaches for Health and Wellbeing. International Nurse Coach Association: North Miami, Fla. Order online through Amazon

If you are taking Part II: The Integrative Nurse Coach Practicum and plan to sit for certification, you will need this book also.

  • Hess, D. R. & Dossey, B., & Southard, M.E. & Luck, S., Schaub, B. G., & Bark, L. (2013). The Art and Science of Nurse Coaching: The Provider’s Guide to Coaching Scope and Competencies. Silver Springs: MD. Order online through American Nurses Association or on Amazon.

You will also need:

  • Headset (ear buds with microphone) to reduce noise feedback in live online sessions.
  • Journal for reflective writing or access to a computer document program (Word)
  • Internet capable of video streaming and conducting live video connections online.
  • Video recording capability on your cell phone for coaching sessions. We will provide you with a resource to use upon registration.
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