In Nightingale’s Footsteps— Individual to Global: From Nurse Coaches to Environmental and Civil Society Activists

Florence Nightingale faced many of the environmental & social issues that we encounter today. As nurse coaches, we are uniquely positioned to address these issues and increase health - #localtoglobal.

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Florence Nightingale (1820–1910), the famous “lady with the lamp,” is indeed the world’s most well-known nurse. In our times, now for nearly six decades, the same environmental and social issues that were of concern to Nightingale are understood as key factors in achieving global development and global health. In Nightingale’s footsteps, Nurse Coach leaders and all nurses are 21st century Nightingales who are coaching, informing, and educating for healthy people to be living on a healthy planet.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals
While health care often focuses on acute or chronic illness, the elements necessary for good health are far more complex than we tend to recognize. Florence Nightingale understood this complexity and wrote extensively on the myriad social and environmental factors that influence well-being.

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