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Nurse Coaching and Conscious Dying – Alumni Reflection

When I stood up to give my ‘elevator speech’ at the end of Cohort 4 (2012), I said I wanted to bring together my passion for end-of-life work into this new skillset of nurse coaching. Like many of you have experienced, it’s been interesting to see how this work is unfolding post-INCCP…and what opportunities have come my way over the years.

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12 Exciting Reasons Nurse Coaching is for You
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12 Exciting Reasons Nurse Coaching is for You

As nurses, we act as coaches to our patients every day. Many of us are focused on helping our patients heal or recover, while nurse coaching helps people make healthy lifestyle changes for the long term. “A professional nurse coach is a registered nurse who integrates coaching competencies into any setting or specialty area of practice to facilitate change or personal development."

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